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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Audio Files from Media Convergence class

The fall 2006 Media Convergence class created the following audio podcasts of the day’s events.





Sunday, October 01, 2006

St. Petersburg Times coverage

Read the article about Saturday's grand opening and dedication that appeared in today's (Sunday) St. Petersburg Times. Staff writer Abha Bhattari highlights the social and community opportunities advocated by keynote speaker, Leon Dash.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Dedication Ceremony Photos and Videos

Above, Dr. G. Michael Killenberg, founder of the Neighborhood News Bureau and former director of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg Journalism Department, speaks to two Media Convergence students, Deanna Pfundtner, left, and Whitney Kerce Stoutimore.
Photo: Errol Johnson

Above, Leon Dash speaks about his journalism experiences. Dash won a Pulitzer Prize in 1995 for a series entitled, "Rosa Lee's Story."
Photo: Errol Johnson

Above, pictured from left are: Dr. G. Michael Killenberg; June Kicklighter, wife of Rep. Frank Peterman, D-St. Petersburg who is pictured on her left in the back row; Monique Fields, University of South Florida St. Petersburg lecturer in community journalism and "bureau chief" of the Neighborhood News Bureau; and, Dr. Tony Silvia, current director of the USFSP Department of Journalism. Also pictured are the four Peterman children: Sydnee P., Frank W. III, Jordan A., and Taffrey.
Photo: Nate Kurant

Above, Karen White, University of South Florida St. Petersburg regional chancellor, explains that the journalism program at USFSP is unique in the nation because the Neighborhood News Bureau provides students with an opportunity to learn community journalism while being located off campus inside the geographic area they'll be covering.
Photo: Errol Johnson

Above, Rep. Frank Peterman, D-St. Petersburg, left, accepts congratulations from University of South Florida St. Petersburg Chief Academic Officer, V. Mark Durand on the dedication the Neighborhood News Bureau's newsroom in memory of his late mother, Peggy Peterman. Peterman's House District 55 includes the area were the NBN is located: James Sanderlin Center, 2335 22nd Ave. S., St. Petersburg, Fla. Click HERE to view a video where Peterman talks about his mother's legacy.

(VIDEO length = 1 minute, 49 seconds)
Video: Caitlin Kuleci and Gina Presson Hammesfahr
Photo: Nate Kurant

Above, Goliath J. Davis, III, deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, talks about the visions of Peggy Peterman including the Black History pageant event, recognizing audience member Chris Warren for his role as a former member of the pageant. Click HERE to watch the video of Warren as he describes how Peggy Peterman has influenced his life.

(VIDEO length = 2 minutes, 43 seconds)
Video: Caitlin Kuleci and Gina Presson Hammesfahr
Photo: Errol Johnson

Above, pictured from left to right, Leon Dash, the keynote speaker for the NNB dedication; and members of the faculty of the USFSP Journalism Department: Monique Fields, Dr. Tony Silvia, Dr. Robert Dardenne, Dr. Cheryl Koski, Dr. G. Michael Killenberg, Paul Wang, Dr. Deni Elliot and Beth Reynolds. Not pictured, Dr. Mark Walters and Debbie Wolfe.
Photo: Nate Kurant

Click the above image to view a video of Mary Baker, one of Peggy Peterman's church friends.

(VIDEO length = 29 seconds)
Video: Caitlin Kuleci and Gina Presson Hammesfahr

Ribbon cutting ceremony

After the breakfast and the speakers, the event moved outside to the Peggy M. Peterman Newsroom where the cutting of the ribbon took place. The ribbon was cut by the Honorable Frank Peterman, Jr., as well as Dr. G. Michael Killenberg, Dr. Karen A. White, Monique Fields, Leon Dash, Dr. Tony Silvia, Dr. V. Mark Durand, and Casey Cora.

From left to right: Monique Fields, the Honorable Frank Peterman, Jr., Dr. V. Mark Durand
Photo: Nate Kurant

Keynote Speaker Leon Dash

Pulitzer Prize winning writer Leon Dash is the inaugural speaker in the first annual event, which will feature an honorary speaker and a student speaker.

Dash is an investigative and Special Projects reporter at The Washington Post. He won the Pulitzer in 1995 for Rosa Lee's Story which told the story of a woman who rose above the negative surroundings of her upbringing. Dash currently teaches at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Research by Mike Colapietro

Karen Brown Dunlap

Karen Brown Dunlap, president of the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, met Peggy Peterman about 20 years ago at the St. Petersburg Times and they were also in the same sorority, Delta Sigma Beta.

Read what Dunlap wrote about Peggy Peterman in 2004

Karen Brown Dunlap attended today's grand opening and dedication, and gave us an opportunity to provide great insight on today's event.

Listen to an interview conducted by Paul Mueller

Newsroom Plaque Dedication

Peggy Peterman, File Photo

Dr. G. Michael Killenberg, founder of the NNB, spoke of the Bureau's inception.

"Peggy really inspired me," said Killenberg. "[She] shattered cliches of vision all the time."

On behalf of the Neighborhood News Bureau, Dr. Tony Silvia presented a personal plaque to the Honorable Frank Peterman, Jr. and his family in honor of his late mother, Peggy M. Peterman.

"My mother was a kind a gentle person mixed with a fiery side," Peterman said in a tearful speech. "She didn't pull any punches."

"She often said, 'I wouldn't take nothing for my dreams,'" said Peterman.

Written by Whitney Stoutimore

The Honorable Frank Peterman, Jr. and his wife June Kicklighter

Photo by Nate Kurant

About Peggy M. Peterman


Peggy Peterman worked at the St. Petersburg Times for 31 years as a reporter, columnist and editorial writer. Peterman helped to desegregate the newspaper, working towards the abolition of the Negro news page in May 1967. Among her accomplishments, Peterman helped many black youths to understand their ancestry by establishing an annual Black History Pageant in 1978. After retiring from the paper in 1996, the Times created the Peggy Mitchell Peterman Scholarship to be awarded to an exceptional Florida A&M University journalism student each year, including a $5,000 award and a summer internship. In 1999, the International Women's Media Foundation awarded Peterman with the Lifetime Achievement Award, joining such media icons as Barbara Walters, Helen Thomas and Katherine Graham. In 2001, Peterman was awarded with a Human and Civil Rights Award from the National Education Association. Peterman trailblazed the path for both women and the African-American community.

St. Petersburg Times file photo

"My ambition as a journalist was always to help the public understand who and what the African-American family and culture was all about." - Peggy M. Peterman

Dedication Breakfast Pictures

Participants are enjoying the dedication breakfast at the Neighborhood News Bureau.

Photos by Errol Johnson

Today's event begins with a continental breakfast

After the breakfast donated by the Poynter Institute commences, the list of speakers for the ceremony is as follows:

  • Tony Silvia, Director, Department of Journalism & Media Studies

  • Karen A. White, Regional Chancellor, USF St. Petersburg

  • Goliath Davis, Deputy Mayor, City of St. Petersburg

  • G. Michael Killenberg, Founder, Neighborhood News Bureau

  • The Honorable Frank Peterman, Jr., Representative, Florida District 55

  • Leon Dash, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Peggy M. Peterman Lecture in Community Journalism

  • Casey Cora, Graduate Student, Department of Journalism & Media Studies

Grand Opening of the Neighborhood News Bureau

Photo: Nate Kurant

The Department of Journalism and Media Studies at USF St. Petersburg welcomes you to the live blog coverage of the grand opening of the Neighborhood News Bureau and dedication of the Peggy M. Peterman Newsroom.

The Neighborhood News Bureau was created in 1997 by G. Michael Killenberg, founding director of USF St. Petersburg's Journalism & Media Studies department. Hear Dr. Killenberg and what other members of the community have to say about the News Bureau. Read what St. Petersburg Times writer Jon Wilson reported about Dr. Killenberg and the Bureau in 2001.

Listen here to WUSF radio.
Read here in the St. Petersburg Times.