Department of Journalism and Media Studies presents: Newsroom Plaque Dedication

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Newsroom Plaque Dedication

Peggy Peterman, File Photo

Dr. G. Michael Killenberg, founder of the NNB, spoke of the Bureau's inception.

"Peggy really inspired me," said Killenberg. "[She] shattered cliches of vision all the time."

On behalf of the Neighborhood News Bureau, Dr. Tony Silvia presented a personal plaque to the Honorable Frank Peterman, Jr. and his family in honor of his late mother, Peggy M. Peterman.

"My mother was a kind a gentle person mixed with a fiery side," Peterman said in a tearful speech. "She didn't pull any punches."

"She often said, 'I wouldn't take nothing for my dreams,'" said Peterman.

Written by Whitney Stoutimore

The Honorable Frank Peterman, Jr. and his wife June Kicklighter

Photo by Nate Kurant


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